Compliance with DOT rules is complicated.  Non-compliance is costly and may put you out of service.  We make compliance with DOT regulations easy, so you can be on the road making money.

BOC-3 Process Agents

Obtain your BOC-3: Designation of Process Agent directly from an official blanket agent quickly and affordably with our simple process.


Obtain your UCR: Unified Carrier Registration with our extremely fast and convenient process.
Our Services

Compliance, Safety, Security and Accountability

Pass your New Entrant Audit the first time.  Corrective Action Plans, Mock Audits, and improving your BASICs.  Stay safe, stay compliant, and stay on the road.

BOC-3, Unified Carrier Registration, Permits, EIN, Business Filings

No BOC-3? You are not getting your authority.  Failure to comply can result in steep fines and possibly being put out of service.  Don’t take that chance.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium

Enroll your drivers in a drug and alcohol testing consortium.  Need a drug screen?  Get that done before you put a driver behind the wheel.  Do you need Reasonable Suspicion Training?  We can provide that level of security.